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BibliOBSESSED | Emails to make you smarter - Issue #6

Hey, there, favorite reader (ahem). 😉 Here's your favorite Friday email, BibliOBSESSED, and some good


August 30 · Issue #6 · View online
BibliOBSESSED | Emails to make you smarter

Hey, there, favorite reader (ahem). 😉
Here’s your favorite Friday email, BibliOBSESSED, and some good stuff I read (and watched and listened to) for you.
#1 - Amy Morin (my new favorite person) talks about “13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do” in a podcast episode with James Altucher.
#2 - A quote about sinking ships (and lifeboats).
#3 - A point to ponder: What’s your growth work now?
I hope you like the selection.
—Amber (head reader at BibliOBSESSED)

Amy Morin and "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do"
(Prefer the full article? Read it here.)
Amy Morin is my new favorite person, and her recent episode on The James Altucher Show is why.
Some of the highlights (show notes from James Altucher’s website):
  • The best ways to stop yourself from feeling the negative effects of comparing – [6:18]
  • How to deal with toxic people – [19:43]
  • How to stop blaming yourself – [27:15]
  • How to combat perfectionism – [28:16]
  • One of the tricks James uses: “I pretend my problems are my daughter’s problems. Then I imagine what advice I’d give her.” – [30:55]
  • “If you were going to become the person you wanted to become, what would you be doing differently?” – [41:39]
  • The challenge of figuring out “Who am I?” – [44:20]
  • What ruts do you get stuck into? Determine where your time is going. Then re-allocate proactively. – [49:35]
  • The importance of setting limits and how to set rules that help you say “no” – [58:45]
  • Outsource. How to choose what’s worth your time – [1:05:11]
  • Mentally strong people don’t blame themselves when something goes wrong – [1:25:49]
  • Sometimes you don’t have to take things to the next level. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” – [1:33:39]
  • The healthy way to determine if you’re making an impact: consider “Am I helping a handful of people?” – [1:35:31]
Skip around, if you’re short on time, but (my preference) put your podcast player on 1.2-1.3x speed and you can get through it in 20-30% less time (it’s definitely worth a full listen).
481 - Take Back The Power: Amy Morin on Toxic People, Setting Boundaries & Deciding What’s Worth Your Time - James Altucher
Can you see the lifeboats around you?
Not a few stories are sinking ships, and many of us go down with these ships even when the lifeboats are bobbing all around us.
Quote from The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
What's your growth work now?
(Prefer the full article? Read it here.)
“When a survival pattern continues to come up again and again, that’s your work now.” — Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp
What’s your work now?
  • When I notice I’m getting stuck in repetitive behaviors that aren’t helpful or productive, I read about habits.
  • When I feel like I’m becoming increasingly prone to feelings of fear or vulnerability, I read books by Brené Brown or Elizabeth Gilbert (or Mastin Kipp—see above).
  • When I’m struggling with business, I do my best to simplify and read things by Jason Fried, Austin Kleon, Derek Sivers (to name a few).
But what about when we don’t recognize (or even see) areas of struggle?
Another quote from the book: “Intense emotion + belief + action = result.
We feel an emotion → that triggers a belief→ which triggers an action → which ends in a result (often a predictable and well-patterned one).
Survival patterns are often prompted by intense emotion (which are often prompted by fear). Noticing your emotions can help you cut a predictable outcome off at the pass.
If you notice points throughout your week when you feel intense frustration, anger, avoidance, sadness, irritation, etc. (especially if those same emotions keep rearing their ugly heads), that might be your next work.
Stop. Pay attention. Notice. (That will require slowing down … even just briefly. You know who you are.) 🤨
BibliOBSESSED (so you don't have to be)
So, that’s it for this issue. If you’re still hungry for more input, dive into James Altucher’s other interviews with Amy Morin (links below) and/or pick up a copy of the books mentioned in this edition of BibliOBSESSED.
Recommended listening:
Recommended reading:
Until next Friday, we’ll be reading (and watching and listening to) more great stuff for you. 👍
The Readers @ BibliOBSESSED
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Okay, really bye this time. See you next Friday.
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